Le site TorrentFreak diffuse le classement 2011 des films téléchargés illégalement sur le réseau BitTorrent. Le classement de TorrentFreak devient un rendez-vous parmi les plus attendus de

5 Aug 2016 The site, founded in 2003, differed from many other torrent sites (like The Pirate Bay) in that it didn't host any torrent files itself. Instead, it acted as  14 Feb 2017 There is no announcement of any sort that Google is even thinking about banning torrent sites. Any mention of such a possibility is pure  23 Apr 2019 The news site TorrentFreak tends to get more false DMCA copyright notices than other sites, in part because of its name. It seems that people  Over the course of two months, TorrentFreak reported one million downloads on the site, anniversary of notorious torrent site the Pirate Bay. (Vincent 2013). 1 Jul 2020 Best Torrent Sites 2020. Before we start with the sites list, here's how to hide your identity while torrenting (strongly recommended). Your IP 

Selon le site Torrentfreak.com, repris en France par le « Huffington Post », le chanteur a déposé plainte le 16 janvier dernier contre 22 de ses fans dont seulement 20 ont été formellement identifiés. Pourquoi ? Parce qu’ils ont simplement posté des liens redirigeant vers certaines de ses vidéos. Le chanteur estime qu’ils auraient

Another huge issue is downtime for torrent sites. The Pirate Bay solved this issue by having so many different mirrors of its site constantly running so that if one was   Archive of the best torrentfreak.com stories on Digg including articles, videos, and At the same time The Pirate Bay and several other torrent-related sites 

TorrentFreak. 96 K J’aime. Founded in 2005, TorrentFreak is a weblog dedicated to bringing the latest news on file-sharing and copyright wars.

Home > Piracy > Pirate sites generally operate in secrecy but, in order to get noticed, they need some kind of promotional outreach. Streaming site YolaMovies has rediscovered a rather old fashioned but effective way to do so. Instead of going through social media, the site … In October 2008 through to March 2011 TorrentFreak ran a short lived video news service titled 'torrentfreak.tv', directed by Andrej Preston, founder of torrent site Suprnova made available for streaming and download on Mininova. On 21 August 2013, Comcast threatened TorrentFreak for writing about publicly available court documents. Comme le montre un graphique publié par le site spécialisé TorrentFreak, le film Contagion était téléchargé en moyenne 200 fois par jour avant le début de l’épidémie. Fin janvier, les